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QUESTION: How can I get my Mako boat placed on
OUR BEST ANSWER: Simple, just E-mail me as many pictures of your boat as you can. I like to give a good representation of a particular boat/project. In-the-water & action shots are very nice too.

If you don't have a digital camera or access to a scanner, I'll be glad to scan the photos for you. Just E-mail me,  and we'll make arrangements for mailing the photos and getting them returned to you as well.


QUESTION: Are there any boat reviews on Mako boats available on the web?
OUR BEST ANSWER: Yes. There are several that I have run across on the web. David Pascoe wrote a review of the 1993 Mako 221 and a review/survey of a 1992 Mako 26. There is a very brief review of the Mako 314 on


QUESTION: Where can I find gel coat to match my Mako hull?
OUR BEST ANSWER: I get my gel coat from Mini Craft of Florida.  The stock colors that they make are a pretty good match, but due to weathering/exposure to UV over a number of years the gel coat may not be a spot on match. The color can be adjusted slightly with a tint kit which is also available. 

The other route is to use their custom color matching service. A sample of your boat's actual gel coat must be shipped to Mini Craft and they will computer match the color. Anything from a speaker cutout to a hatch cover can be shipped to them for analysis. Arrangements must be made if the sample is to be returned. There is a one time set up fee in the neighborhood of $75 to get the color scanned and stored in the company's database. I highly recommend this route for large repairs or meticulous boat owners!

I find Mini Craft the easiest to work with as far as customer service, quality, and technical assistance. My second choice would be Fiberglass Coatings Inc. They offer custom matching as well. I have tried Spectrum's Mako gel coat and found it to be very gray in color.


QUESTION: Where can I get new Mako emblems (placards) for my particular Mako hull?
OUR BEST ANSWER: The only place I know of is Marine Connection Liquidators in Ft. Pierce, FL. Phone: (772) 465-6460 or E-mail . They have a large selection of many of the models made throughout the years, but they are sold out of some models (Mako 21 & Mako 211 for certain). They may not have the placard in the desired color you are looking for, so you may have to settle on some other color.

Other alternatives include getting the Mako insignia cut in vinyl or contacting a Mako dealer and ordering the new Mako decals which are a heavy rubber material which adheres to the hull by an adhesive.


QUESTION: Where can I find OEM Mako parts or accessories?
OUR BEST ANSWER: Tough question... Here we go. Again, Marine Connection Liquidators has bought the majority of the Mako Marine surplus inventory over the past years, but they really don't even know exactly what they have or where it is located in their warehouse if they do have it! They buy these surplus shipments by the truckload, so they don't get a chance to go through the shipments and catalog the items. Some of the inventory is used as well. Calling them and asking for a specific item is almost useless. To effectively find something there, you need to make a pilgrimage to Ft. Pierce and go through the inventory with their help. They will be more glad to help you look in person than over the phone.

Mako oriented items I have seen there include: Mako cleats & bow chocks, model placards, Mako compasses, dash gauge/switch panels, rub rail, boot stripe, starboard cabin & console doors, starboard rigging & sink stations, teak trim, fuel & water deck fill fittings, fiberglass deck hatches and fuel tank hatches, and the possibility of fuel tanks.

You can also watch E-bay for hard to find Mako items. I have seen two aluminum frame windshields come and go as well as several other items. I am in the process of setting up a Mako "swap meet" & Forum on this page, but I can only do so much at a time and I fund this webpage out of my pocket.


QUESTION: Where can I find specifications for a particular year model Mako?
OUR BEST ANSWER: Here it is:


QUESTION: Where can I find a new fuel tank for my Mako hull?
OUR BEST ANSWER: As far as I know, Mako used a company called Florida Marine Tanks Inc. for their tanks. I'd bet that they still have the patterns or dimensions for the particular tanks that they made for Mako Marine. Go to their web page and E-mail them or give them a call. I'm sure they will be able to work with you. 

The alternative is to find an aluminum shop in your area and bring them your tank to have it copied. Make sure that the shop you pick makes marine tanks! I wouldn't trust a tank in my boat to just anyone. It is also a good idea to have the tank coated with coal-tar epoxy before re-installing it. 


QUESTION: Where can I find a wiring diagram or schematic for my Mako hull?
OUR BEST ANSWER: Tough question. There is almost no formal information about Makos available on the web, aside from this webpage! The Mako dealers seem to be of no help, and the company itself has moved away from the good ol' customer service thing since they are now owned by a huge corporation that no longer cares about the little people who buy their products. 

Now to get off of my soap box and back to my answer... I was informed that there was a binder on the shelf at Marine Connection Liquidators. The binder contained a ton of microfilms from the 1980's through the 1990's. Someone bought it from them, and unfortunately that someone wasn't me! I wish I could get my hands on that info for us to share to the Mako community. If anyone knows the where this info ended up, please contact us at We will be glad to compensate the owners of this info for some copies.

I have come across several owners manuals. I have posted digital scans of these owners manuals on the page linked to below. Some of the manuals weren't in great shape or complete, but I'll take what I can get. A big thanks goes out to all who have let me borrow these manuals so that the info can be shared here:

For re-wiring projects my best advice is to start from scratch and re-wire the boat yourself. There are several good books on  12 Volt marine wiring available at West Marine and Boaters World. Here is a link to a web page displaying the accepted marine wiring color code.


QUESTION: How do I post pictures on the ClassicMako Forum?
OUR BEST ANSWER: Follow this link to read up about the details:


QUESTION: How do I translate the HIN (Hull Identification Number) on my boat?
OUR BEST ANSWER: Follow this link to read up about the details:


Last updated on: Apr. 12, 2005