Richard Seymann writes:

I have a 1977, 19' center console boat which to all appearances is a Mako. It looks like a Mako in every respect including the original wood locker hatches and all hardware is exactly where it should be for a '77 model.  But there's one catch: it has a Power Cat of Plano, TX plate riveted to the port side opposite the console and a matching Hull ID # (PWR42831M77C) riveted to the transom, and it's titled as a Power Cat.   Everyone who has seen this boat, including several Mako owners, all say it's a Mako.  So my question is: what gives?  Was there some relationship between Mako and Power Cat back in the 70's allowing Power Cat to build or sell Makos under their name?

 Richard Seymann
 White Stone, VA

My reply:

Sounds pretty interesting. I don't know of Mako selling any of their old molds to anyone. But it is possible for joe blow who is good with fiberglass to make his own mold from any production boat and then sell them down the road. Just a thought. Or the boat was refurbished and re-registered as a homemade boat or something like that. Not really sure... Send me some pics, I'd like to know more... Also, take a good look in the console and in the anchor locker and any other hatches as Mako used to put a hidden HIN plate in some of those locations. It may be there.

Eddie Ring

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Richard Replies:

I've been doing a bit of web surfing and found a Power Cat users group on Yahoo.  Here's a copy of a reply I received to my inquiry about the Power Cat/Mako.

--- In, "Danny Leger" <danny@p...> wrote:
Probably looks like the attached photo ??? I don't know all that much about this model.  The new models that Power Cat developed after my dad left the company in 1970, were mostly copies of other popular designs of those years.   There are enough differences between the Power Cat and a Mako that no "permission" would be required.  We have had a few owners come through the group that have owned some of these.  But we have not collected much information about them.  I keep hoping to make a trip to Victoria one of these days and visit some of the old boat people who are still there. Maybe get more information about these latter years and get the story on the final years of the company.

Thanks for your interest,
Danny Leger
Austin, Texas

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